A novel-in-progress by “Nils J. Rasmussen”

With no explanation, mid-21st century freelance journalist Victoria Mueller receives the diary of Isobella Kecksburg, an adolescent who disappeared under unknown circumstances over 60 years earlier. Mueller has little doubt about the journal’s authenticity due to its condition, but some strange entries apparently written after her disappearance indicate an unbalanced state of mind, filled with delusions of grandeur and paranoid fantasies. Nevertheless, Mueller starts to believe that the journal might provide legitimate clues about what really happened to Kecksburg. If true, the journal also points to the existence of a realm known to only a few.

    There was a bitter taste on thy lips.
    Was it the taste of blood?
    Nay; but perchance it was the taste of love.

    – Oscar Wilde, Salome (1891)

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