The Search!Down! Seven

May 9, 2007

I noticed that my two Search!Down! Comeback Special installments contained seven of the best false drops that led searchers to my blog. So, I have decided that subsequent installments of this third incarnation of The Search!Down! will go by the title “The Search!Down! Seven.” This semi-regular feature will appear whenever I get seven good false drops. Now that I have seven, here’s the first installment:

    who is trophy wife woman in nutrisystem

    Sorry, she’s already taken. Besides, what traits could you possibly have over a guy who jokingly calls his spouse a “trophy wife?”

    annoying nutrisystem commercial

    As opposed to the Nutrisystem commercials that are not annoying. I eagerly anticipate those…

    videogames prepare for real world

    Speaking for myself, I have yet to encounter aliens, demons, elves, ogres, orcs, zombies, and heavily-armed sylph-like valkyries in gravity-defying t-shirts. As I’ve always suspected, I guess I’m living in a fantasy land.

    video game playing and laparoscopic surg

    You must’ve realized midway through typing that playing videogames during any kind of surgery would lead to disastrous results. Multitasking may save time, and having fun at work supposedly makes employees more productive, but c’mon…

    stanley wilder feral librarians

    You have the wrong underground film director’s nom de plume. It’s actually “Billy Kubrick” who has that obsession.

    sexy librarians undress

    See also Librarian, Annoyed (Finding).

    (In case you’re curious, the searcher probably ended up here. If you’re at work and want to check it out, I can assure you that it wasn’t a proximity search.)

    famous people from montpelier, ohio

    A bit of a misnomer, unless you count the man who first coined the term windchill and somone who was rumored to have written scripts for the Lone Ranger radio show. Yours truly has a ways to go, however.

For previous Search!Down! installments, visit here and here


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