The Search!Down! Comeback Special II

April 16, 2007

As you may know, I went out of town last week for the Texas Library Association Annual Conference. I didn’t have a chance to see how people found my blog last week, but I have gotten quite a few good false drops worth mentioning:

    pictures of the late 1980s buick skylark

    My condolences. I, too, have fond memories of the emergency repair shop visits my parents made every few months.

    raccoon eating through ceiling

    Quit fiddling on the computer, and call animal control immediately.

    pomeranian hitch

    I’m guessing that you’ve never seen National Lampoon’s Vacation.

    non judgmental opinions of john wayne gacy

    Gimme a while on that one. May be a cold day where he’s at, though.

    he jokingly calls me his trophy wife

    If he keeps it up, jokingly threaten to leave him.

    nutrisystem career fair

    To the previous searcher, recommend that to your husband. It might be a good place to meet a trophy wife.

    amberlynn henry vIII

    Trying to get fancy with keyword searching, eh? Sorry, but that’s “tutor,” not Tudor.


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