Five blogging heroes

April 7, 2007

This meme has started quite recently in the biblioblogosphere. I will follow suit, but (as in the case of the top five non-library blog meme I will also bend the rules. Meredith Farkas already did so in her posting by listing a lot more than five heroes.

In my case, since others have eloquently enumerated the virtues of many bloggers I list, I will simply direct you to the links to blogs on the right (yes, they’re mixed in with favorite websites as well). You can see for yourself why they deserve to be called heroes. I will only add that I agree with Meredith about Jennifer Macaulay. From what I have seen on her blog, I see her becoming a leader in our profession someday. Keep up the excellent work!

One person who also deserves recognition for distinguished blogging is the pseudonymous Annoyed Librarian. I know that some in the profession view her as a pariah, and maybe even consider her “cowardly” for posting under a pseudonym. However, even if I don’t always agree with her opinions, I think that she offers fresh, thoughtful, and witty insights about librarianship.


2 Responses to “Five blogging heroes”

  1. As the semi-partial-cofounder of this particular meme, I object:

    You can’t bend the rules, because that would imply that there are rules to bend.

    Hey, Dorothea S. claims I started it, and I listed ten…

  2. […] wonders for me. I admit it – being mentioned by Walt Crawford, Meredith Farkas, Mark Lindner and Jason from Thus Spoke Pragmantic Librarian lifted my spirits – and helped rejuvenate me quite a bit. Thank you, thank you, thank you to […]

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