The Search!Down! comeback special

April 5, 2007

Yes, all that you would expect from The Search!Down! and a comeback special. Way back in January, before the last few technological revolutions that would eventually revolutionize librarianship, The Search!Down! was the only regular expose on false drops that led people to library blogs. During those three glorious weeks when it appeared regularly, I boldly used my own blog as an experiment. Unfortunately, for reasons I won’t detail here (Cough!IRBfascists! Cough!), I was forced to cease and desist.

Still, three or four faithful fans of the Search!Down! (or S!D! to those hep cats) look upon those three postings with reverence and awe, confident in their secret knowledge about the subversive value of S!D! during that crucial time in January when it acted as a breath of fresh air that blew away dominant paradigms about search strategies and possibly to bring public attention to the growing crisis of “broken” search engines. (Yeah, Larry and Sergei. This means you.)

Anyway, enough of the rant. As the kind IRB folks want me to tell you, the false drops were actually quite lame. This is in exchange for giving me another chance to provide S!D! cultish freaks (er, beloved fans) with a select few of the good ones that I have found of late. It is also to capitalize on the Annoyed Librarian’s much better listing of false drops that led searchers to her blog. In fact, if this revives interest in the Search!Down!, I might end up posing the same challenge to other false-drop-posting bibliobloggers that The Half-Hour News Hour posed to The Daily Show.

So, without further ado, here’s the new and improved SEARCH!DOWN!

    rude gross funny

    This happened just today, though I descended from the top hits quite quickly. I will admit to a bit of surprise, though I suppose the name Pragmatic Librarian just screams those three concepts to some people. To figure out what happened, I added “pragmatic” to the search string, and it went to the archive for December postings. Happy hunting!

    Annoyed Librarian

    Well, I mention her writings every so often, but this searcher must have come to the wrong place. Either that, or they think I’m somehow annoyed as well. Must’ve been that recent posting on customer service”.

    actions taken for social netoworking sit

    You’re not allowed to sit in social networks? I somehow spelled networking as “netoworking?” Maybe I should trademark that word, add an “a,” and have Google front me a billion beans for “Neatoworking” since the kids obviously love the catchy turn of phrase. (Larry. Sergei. You hearin’ this? And forget that comment I made earlier…)

    can my current employer keep me from get

    Actually, I’m beginning to think that WordPress limits the number of characters that appear in Search Engine Terms. Anyway, if this person is reading, use key concepts, not whole sentences. Computers only understand unnatural language.

    nutrisystem commercial trophy wife

    Sorry. She’s already taken by a man who values her as a person.

    youtube mattila salome

    All you opera fans out there can probably guess what this person was trying to find. Trust me, you won’t find it. (I’ve heard. At home, not at work.)

    strauss salome premiere riot

    What would have happened if bodystockings weren’t necessary a century ago.

If you liked these, keep watching my blog. If I get enough material, and if those three or four parental basement dwellers keep pestering me enough, I promise to give you a new installment, or a second comeback special.


2 Responses to “The Search!Down! comeback special”

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