The big move

March 9, 2007

As of 8:00 tonight, the library where I work will remain closed for an entire week. Normally, we stay open all year. During significant breaks, we have abbreviated hours. In this case, however, circumstances dictate that we close.

It has taken quite a bit of coordination, but we will get new carpet in the front part of the library this week. As a branch that serves the science and engineering departments of a university, it occupies part of the basement in one of the engineering buildings. Due to the scale of the project and the relatively small size of the library, closing for a week eventually emerged as the best option. The closure coincides with spring break, so it should have little significant effect on services. On the other hand, international students constitute the majority of our patrons, and going home for the break is not a viable option. Fortunately, those who remain on campus can still go to the university’s main library, as well as the fine arts library. Those who want to use or borrow a print resource from our library will need to wait, but they can use the other libraries’ computers. Of course, students and faculty can still access our electronic resources from any computer, whether on- or off-campus.

During the break, we will add some new computers. Six years ago, the science and engineering branch had five computers. Over time, we have gradually increased the number. Currently, the library has 30 computers. With the additional computers, we will have almost 50. The library got tables for the computers months ago, but people have still used them for studying, and for using their laptops.

Although we will have new carpet and extra computers at the end of the operation, one piece of the plan did not work out. Some of the staff got new modular office units last year, and the rest of us (yours truly included) were supposed to have them installed in our offices during the break. Unfortunately, that aspect did not work as planned, so we will get the remaining modular units later in the semester. I don’t mind waiting, but we will need to move everything out of our offices again when the furniture arrives.

I have already gotten most of the smaller things out of my office, and I eliminated a few personal recycling bins worth of extraneous papers. I am now ready to assist with moving furniture and larger objects when the time comes. This will probably start in earnest in the afternoon. In the meantime, some staff from our IT department will move the remaining computers out of the library. I will only need to come back Tuesday to guard the door for half a day. The rest of the week, I plan to catch up on a number of projects, and maybe get a little extra rest. If time allows, I might even write a few postings for this blog. Keep watching your feeds…


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