The Search!Down! (Installment 2)

January 19, 2007

For gluttons of punishment who remember my first Search!Down! posting, or for new readers who have no clue what they’re getting into, I would like to welcome all of you to the second installment of… THE SEARCH!DOWN!.

It’s amazing how people can get misdirected when searching. I had quite a few interesting searches leading to my blog this week, so I thought I’d share them with you in this week’s installment of… THE SEARCH!DOWN!.

Varying from last week’s posting, I list Paradise first and Inferno last. Purgatory remains second.


library robot Chicago, with robot library fetching and robot retrieval library systems

Two searches leading to my blog were executed using the first string. Since I wrote a posting last month on retrieval robots at Chicago State University’s library, the search sounds specific enough that the searcher(s) probably found what they needed. In the other two searches, people were probably trying to find something about robots that retrieve items in libraries. Again, they ended up in my posting about the CSU retrieval robots.


interactivity of Wii

The searcher probably found my posting about interactivity and Nintendo’s Wii. However, I wonder if they actually found useful information.


classical commentary mp3

Sounds like a search for commentary related to classical music in an MP3 format. However, this search leads to a posting I did about MP3 players, which discusses classical music and has “commentary” in the title.

librarian robot movie

Well, I’m confused. None of the search results made much sense, including my blog entry on the rights of robots. I talk about some relevant feature films and I mention librarianship, but I’d doubt that my posting was very helpful. Perhaps the searcher wanted to find a documentary film about a robot similar to the one at CSU’s library, or possibly a feature film with a “robot” librarian. (Desk Set, perhaps?)

film the shining free dissertation

As I suspected, this went to my posting about remixed movie trailers, which happens to mention the trailer someone did for The Shining. More or less related, I also mention Diane’s dissertation about image retrieval, as well as discussions we had about the ways images can be manipulated (as in the case of the remixed trailers). As for “free,” that’s nowhere in the actual posting; it appears on my “Favorites” list due to the inclusion of Meredith Farkas’ blog Information Wants To Be Free, as well as a link where you can get a free blog from WordPress.

I can only assume that the searcher actually wanted to find a free dissertation about Kubrick’s film version of The Shining. Although they did not find it on my blog, I hope that they enjoyed some or all of the trailers I mention in that posting.

trailers en youtube

I’m assuming that this somehow led the searcher to the posting mentioned above. This search sounds pretty general, though “en” is an odd word. I’m thinking of the French word en, which means in.

Im Himmel gibts kein beer mp3

I suspect that this searcher wanted to find an MP3 of the old German Polka song “In heaven, there is no beer.” In this case, they appear to have ended up on my main page, which has a posting that mentions a visit to a German restaurant, as well as something from the first Search!Down! about someone seeking MP3’s. (The Search!Down! is cannibalizing itself already…)

\”love me tender\” analysis in poetic de

This is completely bizarre, though I can say that probably this relates to the German restaurant story above (where the owner sang “Love Me Tender”). I suppose when that searcher went to my blog, they went into my main page at some point where the words “analysis” and “poetry” may have appeared in other postings on the same page.

Oddly enough, “de” makes me think of the domain for websites out of Germany (Deutschland). Just coincidence, I suppose…

dad webcam

Two searches for this one led to my postings about my father’s experiences with using a webcam. It also leads to some websites that appear to have heartwarming stories, while quite a few others sound just plain disturbing. (Hmmm… might be time to start a “special circle.”)


5 Responses to “The Search!Down! (Installment 2)”

  1. […] a lighter note, Jason at “Thus Spoke the Pragmatic Librarian” discussed problems with search engine relevancy rankings by sharing and analyzing some of the interesting searches […]

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