The Search!Down! Premiere (and Final(?!)) Installment!

January 12, 2007

The Background!

Looking at a comment written in response to my posting about a month of blogging (which has the creative title “A month of blogging”), I decided to begin a regular feature about the searches people have used to get to my blog. I couldn’t think of a title, so I had to come up something. Fortunately, my good imaginary pal Steve sensed my predicament, so he gave me a coded message through the television.

Call it “The SearchDown,” Jason.

I nodded my head, and my wife Diane just started looking at me strangely. She got really spooked when I said, “I’ve got a better idea. I’ll take it even further, and call it… The Search!Down!!”

“Are you all right?” Diane queried.

“Never felt better.”

The Premiere Search!Down!!

Starting on Monday, I decided to compile searches done this week that have misled people to my blog. As I shall do in subsequent(?) installments, I shall hypothesize the level of potential relevance. However, unlike most stuffy studies that rely on metrics, algorithms, and other high-falutin’ measures, I have developed my own system. It was suggested to me by a clerk at a convenience store in New Jersey:

Inferno – You didn’t find what you needed.

Paradise – You found exactly what you were looking for.

Purgatory – You might have found what you were looking for.

From my experience, it seems likely that most people would end up in Inferno or Purgatory, rather than Paradise. However, if anyone ends up in Paradise, I’ll call it.

Anyhow, without further ado, here’s… THE SEARCH!DOWN!


the librarian trailer

Probably someone trying to find trailers for one of the Librarian action-adventure flicks. Unfortunately, they might have gotten my posting about remixed movie trailers.

henry viii amber lynn

Interesting, indeed. However, I can understand how someone got to my blog through this search. In a posting about an exhibit I saw at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, I mention photographs taken of wax figures of Henry VIII and his wives. I also receive occasional postings from someone named “Amber Lynn.”

Here’s a clue worth noting. A while ago, someone apparently submitted a comment to the discussion list, which has the following sentence:

    I’ve become very angered at the fact that my history teacher did not know whom and of the Tudors were, or Anne Boleyn (he thought her name was Amber Lynn) and so I need someone who can share information about the Tudors with me!

beethoven requiem

Someone probably tried to find something about a requiem by Beethoven. I suppose they might have had better luck with a search for Missa Solemnis. However, I wrote a posting about the closing of the independent bookstore Shakespeare Beethoven in the Dallas Galleria, which I entitled “Requiem for Shakespeare Beethoven.”


Continuing on the Beethoven theme, I found similar searches that might have led people to potentially helpful information. These include “shakespeare beethoven dallas,” “dallas galleria shakespeare store,” and “‘shakespeare beethoven’ dallas.” The same goes for other music searches. Since I write about classical music and opera occasionally, it seems no surprise that people might end up viewing some of those postings.

Probably due to my posting on Zune vs. iPod, people searching for “furtwangler on itunes,” “complete opera recordings mp3,” and “compact disc sales versus mp3 sales” ended up on my blog. However, I’m afraid that these searches might need to go to Inferno as well. For the first one, the searcher might have been trying to find recordings made by the conductor on iTunes. Regarding the third search, I mention nothing direct about sales of MP3s and compact discs. The second search… eh, I dunno.

I also got a few searches for “Chicago , library ,robot” and “csu robotic library.” I wrote something about the use of robots at Chicago State University’s library. My story might have been useful, but others have written more about that topic.


pragmatic librarian

The person who searched for that definitely found information… well, paradise. They also get a gold star.

Concluding rigmarole!

Thanks for making it this far. I will reward(?) you with a second installment when I gather enough material.


2 Responses to “The Search!Down! Premiere (and Final(?!)) Installment!”

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  2. davidvogt Says:

    Your article is very informative and helped me further.

    Thanks, David

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