Oh, all right…

January 9, 2007

I suppose I should comment on iPhone, which is currently the top story on CNN’s website. My initial reaction? A neat idea, but the price and storage capacity do not work for me. You have to shell out 600 beans for an iPhone with 8 GB capacity (and just 100 beans less for half the storage). This may be fine with those who have the money, don’t want to carry multiple devices, and don’t have a lot of music (or movies) they want to store. However, I don’t mind carrying a cell phone just for calling, and I don’t plan to use the Internet while away from the computer. (But then, maybe a lower-priced iPhone would persuade me to do otherwise.) No matter what, I just want more storage capacity for my music. So, for now, I remain a cheapskate who still has his eye on the 30 GB iPod, which costs at least half as much as the two iPhone models.

Will those of us in higher education need to consider the ramifications of the release of iPhone? Probably not immediately due to the high cost, but we should try to contemplate the potential popularity of subsequent models since they will likely be cheaper and have more storage capacity. With their ability to access the Internet as well, I could see iPhones (or similar products) becoming powerful and practical tools in higher education.


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