“You” still Person of the Year?

December 19, 2006

As a follow-up to yesterday’s posting, “You” will probably not be person of the year in 2007 after all… at least if Richard Wray’s article from The Guardian is correct. After enjoying a year or so in the spotlight, it appears that social networking sites (MySpace, Facebook, and the usual suspects) have summarily become passé. One sign is the sudden cancellation of a conference called Upload 2007, where internet and traditional media companies were supposed to meet and discuss the implications of social networking sites. Organizers cited the insufficient interest on the part of important “players” as the primary reason for cancellation.

Although MySpace exceeded Yahoo in number of hits for the first time in November, Wray’s article questions the duration of popularity of such social networking sites. He also mentions that the nature of social networking sites might change along with users’ lifestyles. Wray points to a site known as Piczo as an alternative. Primarily aimed at adolescents, Piczo facilitates ease-of-use in developing personal profiles, and it gives special attention to online safety. Wray also mentions Bebo as another alternative. Its Help page provides more details.


One Response to ““You” still Person of the Year?”

  1. blored Says:

    ClutterMe is also another alternative, lest we forget.

    Mark from ClutterMe

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